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Understanding the workings

of your kidney

Raising awareness through health education and highlighting habits to avoid are vital contributors to healthy living. The "Becare Full Webinar Series" offer a platform for us to learn more from professionals who are engaged in diverse fields. Please, see attached flyer for more details on our upcoming webinar. Click here to register

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Over the years, many lives have been lost while engaging untrained caregivers, who out of inexperience and/or negligence delivered inappropriate care leading to unwanted outcomes. This webinar addresses important concepts and key questions to ask when scouting for an ideal caregiver for your sick or dependent relatives.

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At UHC, it’s the week that lasts all year!!

Medical error remains a major source of injury and death among patients.

134 million adverse events occur worldwide annually with majority being in LMIC countries

A study from Nigeria by Iloh, G et al 2017, the prevalence of medical errors was 42.8% and 100% of the medical practitioners had a negative attitude to error disclosure to the patients and their families.

Here are some ways as a patient to improve safety during medical care:

  • Take a list of your medications with you to your visit

  • Be ready to ask questions about your health

  • Avoid self-medication

  • Wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.

At UHC, we are committed to reducing avoidable harm and death. We treat patient safety like a global priority that it is.

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