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Over the years, many lives have been lost while engaging untrained caregivers, who out of inexperience and/or negligence delivered inappropriate care leading to unwanted outcomes. This webinar addresses important concepts and key questions to ask when scouting for an ideal caregiver for your sick or dependent relatives.

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At UHC, it’s the week that lasts all year!!

Medical error remains a major source of injury and death among patients.

134 million adverse events occur worldwide annually with majority being in LMIC countries

A study from Nigeria by Iloh, G et al 2017, the prevalence of medical errors was 42.8% and 100% of the medical practitioners had a negative attitude to error disclosure to the patients and their families.

Here are some ways as a patient to improve safety during medical care:

  • Take a list of your medications with you to your visit

  • Be ready to ask questions about your health

  • Avoid self-medication

  • Wash your hands using soap and water for 20 seconds.

At UHC, we are committed to reducing avoidable harm and death. We treat patient safety like a global priority that it is.

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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Quite often patients go to see their doctors with preconceived diagnosis. Your doctor does not need you to diagnose yourself or even explain your symptoms using medical jargon.

The quality of care is dependent on the history you provide and the accuracy of your description. I have seen chief complaints

  • “it hurts so much that it feels like my whole body has separated from me”

  • “the pain is walking around my body”

  • “I am no longer myself”

  • “I have malaria”

  • “ I have pneumonia”

If you pay attention, the above descriptions will not support the clinicians with a leading question about your diagnosis.

Help us help you!

This is what your doctor would need to know..

  • Where it hurts – precise location

  • When it started

  • If the pain travels anywhere else in the body

  • Other symptoms that started along with chief complaints

  • Anything that makes your symptoms better or worse

  • Any medication or home remedies that you have taken, and did it work

  • Your medical history

  • Any allergies to any medication or food

  • All the prescription medications you are taking or have tried

  • These will help your doctor with quick diagnosis and timely treatment

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