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Caregiver Career Training

Utopian Caregiver Course is a 3 - week training that equips participants with basic skills required in caring for individuals of all ages. We focus on evidence based practice methodology

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Senior Secondary School  Certificate  Examination (SSCE)

  •  Application completion

  • Interview completion

  •  If accepted, you will receive acceptance notification

  • Signed letter of agreement


Our Caregivers can use their skills to work anywhere in the world, in organizations like personal care homes, daycare centers, nursing homes, hospitals, personal residences, and also in caring for their loved ones

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Course Requirements:

Successful Completion of:

  • Lectures and skills validation 

  • Interview completion

  •  Mega-Skills checkoff

  •  Written examination

  • On-site examination testing

Our Caregivers and Home Care Nurses Training Focus On

  • Child and Infant Safety 

  • Geriatric Care

  •  First Aid, CPR Training and Certification

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Utopian Caregiver Courses follow an internationally recognized curriculum

  • Work Ethics

  • Client Rights

  • Communication with Family and Healthcare Team

  • Common Medical Terminology

  • Overview of Body Structure and Function

  • Body Mechanics

  • Infection Prevention

  • Vitals Signs  Checks

  • Glucose Check

  • Assisting with Personal Care

  • Bed Bath

  • Toileting

  • Safe Client Mobility

  • Fall Prevention

  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention

  • Wound Care

  • Aspiration Prevention

  • Contact, Droplet, Airborne Infection Prevention

  • Mother and Infant Supportive Care

  • Understanding Children Development stages

  • Care of clients with Dementia and Alzheimer

  • Family support for the Death and Dying

  • Understanding Quality of Care

  • And so much more

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